Guide: Walking Tours

Quick Tips:

  • Free walking tours are one of the best way to get your bearings and see the sights, make it one of the first things you do
  • A quick Google should come up with various companies offering free tours.

One of my favourite things to do whilst away, usually on the first day is a free walking tour. You can find them in pretty much every city in Europe. Some are small, independent companies that operate in just their respective cities or others that have multiple tours in various cities. The best thing is that it’s free! How does this work? The guides work on a tip basis that is up to you how much you want to tip at the end of the tour. You could just go along, do the tour and leave, but these tips provide their wage which they also have to pay tax on and a cut to their company. I tend to tip around €10 (or equivalent). I find this a great way to explore a city on foot, see the sights and learn about the place I’m visiting.

I’ll update this guide regularly as a central space for links to the walking tour company websites I’ve used on my trips. A quick Google is the easiest way to find out about them and there are often several companies working in one city. Some require pre-booking but the majority are just turn up on the day and off you go. They often offer more than one free tour that might be related to specific things such as history, art or modern culture.

Barcelona – SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Cologne – Free Walk Cologne

Brussels – SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Milan – Walkabout Tours

Krakow – Free Walkative Tour

Warsaw – Free Walkative Tour

Faro – Faro Free Walking Tours

Belfast – Belfast Free Walking Tour

Venice – Free Tour Venice

Bratislava – Be Free Tours

Riga – Riga Free Tours

Tallinn – Est Adventures

Lisbon – SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Athens – New Athens Free Tour

Vilnius – Vilnius With Locals

Kiev – Kiev Walking Tours

Madrid – SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Sofia – Free Sofia Tour

Plovdiv – Free Plovdiv Tour

Gdańsk – Free Walkative Tour

Porto – SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Toronto – Tour Guys / Toronto Free Walking Tours

Montreal – Free Montreal Tours

Bucharest – Walkabout Free Tours

Prague – SANDEMANs New Europe / Free Walking Tour Prague

Vienna – Good Vienna Tours

Oslo – Nordic Freedom Tours

Gothenburg – Göteborg Walking Tours

Copenhagen – SANDEMANs New Europe

Funchanl – Free Walking Tours Funchal

Bologna – Free Walking Tour Italia

LAST UPDATED: 1/10/2020

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